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Scott Virtes - Writing

Do not adjust the mirror ...

This is the home page for the writings of Scott Virtes.
I've been writing fiction & poetry since I was a kid, and my first story was published in 1986. This page will give you pointers to all my stuff on the web, and the latest news about what I'm working on, and where my writing can be found.
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Books & chapbooks
Book of Tentacles (2010)
Over 30 stories & poems ... a fun & weird romp.
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What's next???
Improbable Jane (2008)
A 3-in-1 collection of SF/fantasy longpoems.
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Peripheral Visions (2007)
A collection of poems from the edge of reality.
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Blank Spaces and other dangers (2006)
A collection of 27 sci-fi/fantasy tales, including one from Analog.
Available on Kindle.
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Afterlife 9 (2006)
A poetry voyage : a strange afterlife cycle full of mysteries.
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insomnia f/x (2003)
A poetry chapbook : spend a night without sleep, having visions of the impossible.
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the OTHER secret house (2002)
A poetry chapbook : strange things happen in a home when the owners are away...
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News from my creative side ...
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3 poems in Trysts of Fate - 2014-08-15

I have 3 poems in the August 2014 issue of trysts of Fate magazine, from Alban Lake. All three are paranormal romances gone horribly wrong. Just got my copy today.

Short Short in Drabble Harvest #2 - 2014-08-13

My short-short story "Mzuzu's Bus" is in Drabble Harvest #2, from Alban Lake. Just got my copy today.

2 poems in Found Patrick anthology - 2013-07-11

An odd bit of writing news. I have two poems in this really eclectic "found poetry" antho, which just came out this month: Amazon link

A9 on Kindle - 2012-04-17

My poetry chapbook Afterlife 9 is now available on the Kindle ...
Check it out

Newton's Window - 2012-03-17

Another new sale ... my story "Newton's Window" will be appearing the The Martian Wave.

baby cosmos - 2012-03-14

I finally sold a piece to Andromeda Spaceways ... a poem called "baby cosmos", coming soon!

Mother Goose is Dead - 2012-03-13

Just got my copy of the Mother Goose is Dead anthology with my odd mythic tale "The First and Final Day" in it.

Check it out here.

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Other Info

Cool milestones: in 1997 I wrote my 200th story. And in 1999 I wrote my 500,000th word of short fiction. Half a million words, and my fingers are still going. The human body is quite a miraculous thing. You'd think I'd be tired by now.

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