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BLANK SPACES and other dangers,
by scott virtes
A collection of 27 short stories from an author who loves to toy with reality. From sneaky wizards to micromcahines, comet riders, "haunted" houses, part-time terrorists, the real secret of masonry, and more. Some serious, some funny. A joy ride of sci-fi and fantasy tales..

FEB 2008 - new 2nd edition, reprinted by the author
Summer 2010 - Kindle edition available

excerpt from "Elixir"
Darius stood on the scorched plain, and the wind tore at him with the strength of a god enraged. It set his clothes aflame, his hair, his eyes; as if everything had been his fault. Even in utter ruin, the progression went on. Below him, a hundred billion cries hummed through the ground, haunting, filling the air with the lunacy of a near-beautiful harmony. Above him, the space stations failed. Some turned away to die in interstellar abyss, others burned away in decaying orbits: reddish arcs of fire dashing through sweltering skies.

190 pages. Retail $10.95. eBook is $2.99. Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

New Kindle edition ($4.99): Check it out

excerpt from "Another Blank Space"
I walked around all afternoon, hand in hand with a churning blank space. She wasn't a girl, nor was she even a color. Rather, she was bending of the scenes behind her in the vague shape of a human body. Yet I knew she was essentially female.


excerpt from "Against a Flaming Horizon"
Alpha Ridge was a shimmering reflective wall of gas-free glassy rock that swung itself up over the dark horizon to stand before me. It was almost a hundred meters high, so riding it would be tricky. I could disengage the grav-lock and leap for it, but I would probably not land, even with the gravitals on full. So I searched for a way around it.

Scanning. Scanning and running out of time.

Around the base of the ridge was a sea of churning, confused haze. The usual gas, dust, and pandemonium of charged ions. For a cue, I watched the number one rider on my tactical display. He plunged into the mist and vanished, losing no time, and his blip continued to move. So, with a shrug, I wondered what g-setting he was on, adjusted mine downward, and followed.


coming soon

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