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the other secret house,
by s.c.virtes
A chapbook of poems about the house next door
-- strange & microscopic things happen when the owners are away ...
Illustrated by Rod Bass, cover art by s.c.virtes.

Published July 2001 by Lockout Press

Sample: "Closet Fest"

the clothes in the closet
are breathing slowly, 
at a microscopic level
expanding, contracting
as the temperature shifts,
circulating the slightest
puffs of air;

they huddle together
as the night grows cold
and push apart during the
stuffy hours 
when the house is empty,
they play card games after lunch
but without eyes
there is little strategy;

at the sound of an opening door
the deck gets tucked
back into a sweater pocket
there is a faint giggle
as they joke about
pulling the wool over human eyes
one more time.

24 pages. Retail $5.

Printed version ... only $4.50 postpaid in the USA.
eBook (PDF) version ... only $1.99!

"Damn, thanks for the book of poetry. It was the coolest surprise of my day. I frickin' LOVED it, man. I loved the premise of the book as much as I loved the poetry in it. Your poems have a damn tasty charm to them, my friend, like Charlie Chaplin. The 'scaryness' of the bed bugs was great, and that allowed the pathos in some of them to really take me by surprise. Delightful. You have a real knack for delivering a great punch at the ends of your poems - and a real talent all around."
- Ken Scar, Old Globe Theater

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