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Year of the Twist, by s.c.virtes
A collection of 15 of my early tales -- different flavors of "creepy".

Published June 2001 by Writers Club Press / iUniverse.com

Table of Contents

  • "The Twist": my first published story. Something surreal twisted out of nowhere and appeared on the sidewalk, looking for answers.
  • "The Sign": archaeologists dig up an artifact that sets them reeling
  • "A Touch of Blasphemy": you don't know him, but he's watching you ...
  • "Sandoth, Teller of Secrets": Sandoth had one cruel talent, and nearly destroyed the world with it
  • "Green Eyes": haunted by an unhappy spirit
  • "Astral Sails": the mystery ship offered great reward, and great peril
  • "The White City": the city of the pure unleashes a terrible force
  • "One of Everything": a boy looking for treasure finds more than he bargained for
  • "Writers Games": was he a writer pretending to be crazy, or a crazy guy pretending to be a writer?
  • "Squirrel #117": digging, burrowing, looking for a way out
  • "Patient Music": a prose poem where punishment is final
  • "Rash Motivation": a tall tale about sloth and the sickness it brings
  • "And the City Cried": a city spirit goes on a quest for redemption
  • "Maze Curtains": trapped in a maze of souls
  • "Consumption": I have eaten your brain, now your memory stirs inside me ...

108 pages trade paperback. Retail $9.95. You can buy it here:

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