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Peripheral Visions, by s.c.virtes
A collection of poems about the edges of reality.

Published January 2007 by Assume Nothing Press

Excerpt from "dreams for sale"

What if one day  
dreams come cheap?
Any glorious image
or patient revelation
is on sale for $4.95.
Log in, fake identity,
love hunt kill on a whim,
Find those archives
of amateur writing,
steal an idea or three.

Excerpt from "broken beginnings"

broken beginnings
notes that go nowhere,
trial & error
pounded out in cut time
quicktime corruption
microphone buzz,

of these things a day is made.

26 pages - 22 poems. You can get yours here:

  • EBook ($5.00):
  • Printed version ($6.00 includes shipping in the USA):

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